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Simple Tips for Communicating Through Hearing Loss

Hearing loss doesn’t have to ruin relationships. Here are a few things to keep in mind to keep those crucial lines of communication open. Often the greatest toll hearing loss takes is on the relationships we share with our loved ones. When one is unable to hear, their ability to communicate in our highly verbal […]

The Hidden Disorder: Sensory Integration Disorder

Making Sense of Sensory Processing Disorders in Children Every time you touch, smell, hear, taste, or see something, that’s your sensory-processing system in action. Sensory processing is a term that refers to the way your nervous system collects messages from the senses and turns them into appropriate physical and behavioral responses. When a child has […]

Recovering from Sudden Hearing Loss

How to Identify and Treat Sudden Hearing Loss Sudden hearing loss can be a shocking experience, but knowing what type of hearing loss you’re experiencing is key to determining how to treat it. A conductive hearing loss is the result of a blockage to the ear and results in muffled sounds, while sudden sensorineural hearing […]