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May Is Better Hearing Month: Spring Into It With Less Noise, More Joy

Ahhh, spring! As power tools whir, ball games bloom, and concerts sprout, are your ears protected from the louder sounds of the season? Some noises pack a bigger punch than your ears should take, so for Better Hearing Month this May, we’re sharing three quick tips to keep harmful volumes at bay. TURN DOWN THE […]

Hearing Aids: The Past, the Present, and the Future

Hearing aids have come a long way since the all-too-obvious contraptions your grandparents grudgingly wore. 17th Century The first hearing aid, which debuted in the 17th century, is a far cry from our modern, nearly invisible, high-tech devices. Dubbed “ear trumpets,” these hearing aids were exactly what the name suggests: Funnels shaped like musical instruments […]

Thanks to Smartphones, Modern Hearing Aids Offer More Than Improved Hearing

Modern hearing devices are more sophisticated than ever, with some now offering patients the option to link the devices directly to their smartphone of choice, greatly expanding their functionality and the features they offer. Few things are as ubiquitous as the modern smartphone. Given the tremendous technology packed into these pocket-size devices, it should come […]

The Deal With Bargain Hearing Aids

6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Bargain Shop for Your Hearing Aids “Why do hearing aids cost so much?” It’s a question we are frequently asked, and our answer is always the same: We believe that value is not measured by price alone. Rather value comes from the improvement your technology makes in your life. Being able […]

The Silent Cause of Hearing Loss

Banner Copy: The Silent Cause of Hearing Loss Could Ototoxic Drugs Be Affecting Your Hearing Without Your Knowledge? What Is Ototoxicity? The definition of ototoxicity, in its simplest form, is ear poisoning (“oto” references the ear and toxicity references “poisoning”). Chemicals, drugs, and other agents that are known to cause hearing loss, balance disorders, or […]