Lisa Bixler, COHC

Licensed Audiology Assistant

“Before coming to work at Cityview Audiology, I never realized how many things in life, like hearing health, that we take for granted. Having watched people of all ages walk into our office, some not even realizing how badly they are struggling to hear their loved ones, and then walk out feeling renewed with a smile on their face, has been a rewarding experience and opened my eyes to being more proactive and intentional about my own hearing health.”

—Lisa Bixler

Lisa and her husband, Chad, love to serve others together and to travel the world on missions, but their primary mission is and has always been their two adult sons.

Lisa served as a full-time children’s minister of the First Baptist Church in Rusk, TX, for 11 years before moving to Fort Worth in August of 2015. She currently serves as a part-time children’s minister at her church in Cresson. Lisa also directed a weekday preschool in Willow Park before joining the Cityview Audiology family in September of 2017.